War Memorial Project

We are Starting Work – 10th March 2021

Our fundraising is going really well, we really close to our target, thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. Because of this we feel able to start work on the project.

The engraved tablet will be removed first and taken off site for careful storage, following that the groundworks will commence when weather permits.

We will keep updates of important milestones on here.

Funding – Updated 10th march 2021

We are really pleased to announce that we have now secured 3 grants towards this project:

£500 Grant from Stanton Drew Community Cafe – Unconditional.

£4000 Grant from Pensford Publow and The Stantons Community Trust (PPSCT) – Unconditional, plus a further £1000 – Conditional – To match fund Parishioner Donations (and the option of Gift Aid addition on top).

£1000 – Pensford Social Welfare Centre – Unconditional

We are extremely grateful to the above for the very generous donations.

In addition we have had fantastic response from residents, donating around £5000 so far, many of whom have also filled in Gift Aid forms, again we are extremely grateful for the very generous donations.

As a result we are so close to our target that we feel able to move forward and start the work.

We are lucky that some Parishioners have contributed their time and skills for free to get this Project to the planning stage. A number of others will gift some of the stone for the back wall and we have a small team eager to help with the work either for free or at a minimal cost, so this genuinely is a “Community” project. This is an important strength to our grant applications, so thank you to everyone who is contributing in whatever way. We look forward to a time post Covid-19 when we can thank you formally.

We have produced a fundraising pack for any residents who would like to make a donation towards the project.

The fundraising pack can be downloaded from the link below:

If anyone would like a printed copy of this fundraising pack, please contact The Clerk

And – we have one more exciting fundraising venture that is now underway

This should see us complete our fundraising target. Stanton Drew PC has commissioned a very special artwork from local artist Natasha Clutterbuck to help raise funds for their new War Memorial.

Many Parishioners will know Natasha, and know that her work is nationally well known, usually for her beautiful drawings of vegetables. For this special assignment Natasha has used her considerable talent to create a piece that has resonance to remembrance, “Stanton Poppies”, which will be auctioned.

Stanton Poppies by Natasha Clutterbuck

In addition, there will be 50 smaller size, signed limited edition prints available to purchase, more details will follow soon, but if you wish to register in advance for details of the auction or more information about the signed limited editions, please contact The Clerk.

Planning Application

The Parish Council is pleased to report that the Planning Application to enhance our War Memorial has been approved by BaNES. Thank you to all who helped with the documentation etc.

Due to the timing being so close to Armistice Day, we have decided that it would not be sensible to commence any work before November 11th in case it is not completed in time for the service on Sunday 8th November. 

Planning Application Reference: 20/02687/FUL


History Behind The Project

2014 Centenary Commemorations. A temporary structure of a big red poppy was installed on the existing site. This was well received. Feedback suggested that Parishioners appreciated seeing a more prominent feature in the centre of the village. There were observations that although the current site is well managed by residents who kindly provide floral displays, the current memorial was not of a very inspiring design. In addition, research revealed that not everyone who died in service during the 2 wars is listed on the plaque. Work commenced on possible design ideas to address some of the above, to create a fitting memorial that provided more of a “focal point” on such a central location.

2016 Community Cafe Consultations. Drawings and a model of a design proposal was displayed at the Community Cafe on several mornings during 2016. There was the opportunity for comments.

Design Consulted on in 2016
Design Consulted on in 2016

2017 to 2018 Land Registry. The land that the War Memorial is on was gifted to Stanton Drew Parish in 1964 by the owner of Rosedale. It was well documented, the land registry maps were correct, however the land registry title was never updated. It now shows the Parish Council as the legal owners.

2019 to 2020 Costs, Finances and Planning. The Parish Council have spoken with a number of artisans to get an idea of the cost of the project. There has also been a design revision, primarily because the wall in the 2016 design would require such a considerable base to be stable. We have replaced the steps with a ramp. We have also had initial conversations with some charities regarding potential grant funding. Currently we are confident that we will be able to get at least 2/3 of the cost via grant funding from 2 charities. There are other charities that we can try. We have sufficient funds in the PC budget that could cover the remaining 1/3, we also have ideas for local fundraising and are keen to include an element of that. Thus as of June 2020 we are in a position to finalise drawings and make a planning application. Before proceding further we are notifying all Parishioners via a leaflet because we realise that not all Parishioners will have engaged in the Community Cafe consultation.

To date, the only money that the PC has spent on this project has been for fees required to update the land registry. All other work has been done with no cost, due to the generousity of fellow Parishioners.

2020 Proposed Design
2020 Proposal