War Memorial Project

Update – 1st November 2021

All complete!

Stanton Drew’s new War Memorial is ready for this years Remembrance Service. It will be formally dedicated at the start of the ceremony.

Update – 2nd september 2021

Work is going well. The outer walls are now complete. Our Stonemason is busy engraving the monoliths for instalation in the next few weeks, then the flagstones will be layed on the ground and the project will be complete.

NB – Please note there is an error in the flower show programme – the official opening will not be on Saturday 4th.

Fundraising has gone extremely well:

TOTAL   so far from Grants, Donations, Gift Aid and Fundraising                        £  14,172.50

This includes the Painting Auction and sale of prints to date (31 of 50 sold).                  

There is one grant yet to come plus there are 19 prints still to sell (at £50 each). 

TOTAL   Build cost is expected to be  slightly over                                     £  15,500.00

The on-cost that is expected is for the engraving of the the entry stone

We are Starting Work – 10th March 2021

Our fundraising is going really well, we are really close to our target, thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. Because of this we feel able to start work on the project. The engraved tablet will be removed first and taken off site for careful storage, following that the groundworks will commence when weather permits. We will keep updates of important milestones on here.

Funding – Updated 18th June 2021

Fundraising is going very well. A summary is below.

GRANTS: We have secured 3 grants towards this project and we have confirmation of a 4th. £500 Grant from Stanton Drew Community Cafe – Unconditional. £4000 Grant from Pensford Publow and The Stantons Community Trust (PPSCT) – Unconditional, plus a further £1000 – Conditional – To match fund Parishioner Donations (and the option of Gift Aid addition on top). £1000 – Pensford Social Welfare Centre – Unconditional. We are extremely grateful to the above for the very generous contributions.

DONATIONS: We have had fantastic response from residents, at the last count we have achieved just over £6,500 from residents (most of whom have filled in Gift Aid forms), again we are extremely grateful for the very generous donations. We are lucky that some Parishioners have contributed their time and skills for free to get this Project to the planning stage. A number of others have given the stone for the back wall and we have a small team eager to help with the work either for free or at a minimal cost, so this genuinely is a “Community” project. This was an important strength to our grant applications, so thank you to everyone who is contributing in whatever way. We look forward to a time post Covid-19 when we can thank you formally.

And – we have one more exciting fundraising venture that is now underway

This should see us complete our fundraising target. Stanton Drew PC has commissioned a very special artwork from local artist Natasha Clutterbuck to help raise funds for their new War Memorial. Many Parishioners will know Natasha, and know that her work is nationally well known, usually for her beautiful drawings of vegetables. For this special assignment Natasha has used her considerable talent to create a piece that has resonance to remembrance, “Stanton Poppies”.

Interested parties are invited to attend the auction of the framed original artwork “Stanton Poppies” by Natasha Clutterbuck on Sunday 25th July 2021 at The Cottage, Church Lane, Stanton Drew, 2pm for a 2.30pm auction.  We are really pleased to have well known local auctioneer Jim King overseeing the proceedings.

There will be a reserve price of £750 on this lovely framed original artwork, and all profits from the auction will go towards the Stanton Drew War Memorial fund.

If you are unable to attend the auction you can either send a sealed bid to The Clerk, Tamkeryn, Tarnwell, Stanton Drew, BS39 4DZ, please ensure that you include your name, address, contact information and your maximum bid. Please clearly mark envelopes “Auction” and ensure they arrive by 5pm Saturday 24th July. All sealed bids will be given to the auctioneer to open. If you would prefer to bid over the phone, please email chair@stantondrewpc.co.uk by 5pm Thursday 22nd July and we will arrange for a phone link.

Please note – in the event of inclement weather the venue will be changed to Stanton Drew Village Hall.

Stanton Poppies by Natasha Clutterbuck
Limited Edition Print of Stanton Poppies by Natasha Clutterbuck

In addition, there are 50 special edition archival quality Giclee prints of this beautiful artwork available to purchase for £50, unframed. Dimensions A2 (420mm x 594mm). If you wish to purchase a print please contact send a cheque for £50, payable to “Stanton Drew Parish Council” to The Clerk. Initially sales will be limited to 1 print per household.

Natasha says “Stanton Poppies – Papaver rhoeas ‘Mother of pearl’ – is an original artwork created to celebrate the new war memorial. Incorporating the renown, red Flanders poppy associated with the war and Remembrance Sunday shown growing alongside the beautiful ‘Mother of Pearl’ poppy mix that can be found growing in cottage gardens such as those in Stanton Drew. It is a tribute to those who died and celebrates the beauty of the local area.”

We have produced a fundraising pack for any residents who would like to make a donation towards the war memorial project.

The fundraising pack can be downloaded from the link below:

If anyone would like a printed copy of this fundraising pack, please contact The Clerk

History Behind The Project

It all started in 2014 at the Centenary Commemorations. A temporary structure of a big red poppy was installed on the existing site. This was well received. Feedback suggested that Parishioners appreciated seeing a more prominent feature in the centre of the village. There were observations that although the current site is well managed by residents who kindly provide floral displays, the current memorial was not of a very inspiring design. In addition, research revealed that not everyone who died in service during the 2 wars is listed on the plaque. Work commenced on possible design ideas to address some of the above, to create a fitting memorial that provided more of a “focal point” on such a central location….. and now, in 2021, we are nearly there!!