Annual Parish Meeting

Stanton Drew 2022 Annual Parish Meeting*

Saturday 14th May starting  12noon.

at St Mary The Virgin, Stanton Drew.

The meeting will take place at the end of the monthly “Community Café” in the church, so please come along a bit earlier to get coffee, tea, bacon/sausage sandwiches, cakes or savouries. Community Café runs from 10am to 12noon on the second Saturday of every month and all profits from this go to the Stanton Drew Community Café fund.

The Annual Parish Meeting will be quite informal.

It will be chaired by the Chair of the Parish Council.


*Every year, in every Parish, the Parish Council is required to hold a “Parish Meeting”. Although the Parish Council arranges this meeting it is not a meeting of the Parish Council. It is, specifically, a meeting for Parish Residents to bring up any matter, raise any question or put forward ideas and proposals, in relation to the Parish.