Parish Council Meeting Dates

Special Note re Covid-19

While the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues we are keeping up to date with the fast-moving Government, ALCA (Avon Local Councils Association) and NALC (National Association of Local Councils) guidance for Parish Councils.

Stanton Drew Parish Councils will not be meeting in person, based on Avon Local Council Association advice we will hold meetings remotely and any other urgent and important business will be transacted via email until restrictions are lifted. 

2021 meeting dates

Tuesday 5th January – Virtual Meeting

Tuesday 2nd February – Virtual Meeting

Tuesday 2nd March – Virtual Meeting

Tuesday 6th April – Virtual Meeting

Tuesday 4th May – Virtual Meeting (NB this will also be the annual meeting)

SUNDAY 23rd MAY – ANNUAL PARISH MEETING – This will be in the morning, outside, details to follow.

Tuesday 1st June

Tuesday 6th July

Tuesday 7th September

Tuesday 5th October

Tuesday 2nd November

Tuesday 7th December

Emergency Business – In absolute emergency, our Standing Order No.10. ‘Emergency Business’ allows for business to be handled by The Clerk, in consultation with the Chairman and one other Councillor.

The Annual Parish Council Meeting and Annual Parish Meeting for 2020 were cancelled. We will wait to see if we are able to hold them in 2021.

We hope to serve you as well as we can in the current situation. In the interest of everyone’s safety if Parishioners wish to make representation to the Council then the ought to do so via email or letter to The Clerk in advance of scheduled meeting dates.

Meetings are usually held on the 1st Tuesday of each month (excluding August), starting at 7.30pm. In usual times they are held in Stanton Drew Village Hall and all Parishoners and members of the public are welcome to attend meetings.

If you wish to make representation to the Council then the opportunity will be given to you during the agenda item ‘Public Participation’ and you will be allowed up to 3 minutes. Outside of the agenda item ‘Public Participation’, members of the Public are not allowed to comment or participate unless in exceptional circumstances, and only then with an invitation and permission of the Chairman.

We will always endeavour to get the agenda for forthcoming meetings on this website in advance of the meeting. Click Here.