War Memorial Project

Planning Application

Planning Application to enhance our War Memorial is now with BaNES.

Planning Application Reference: 20/02687/FUL


History Behind The Project

2014 Centenary Commemorations. A temporary structure of a big red poppy was installed on the existing site. This was well received. Feedback suggested that Parishioners appreciated seeing a more prominent feature in the centre of the village. There were observations that although the current site is well managed by residents who kindly provide floral displays, the current memorial was not of a very inspiring design. In addition, research revealed that not everyone who died in service during the 2 wars is listed on the plaque. Work commenced on possible design ideas to address some of the above, to create a fitting memorial that provided more of a “focal point” on such a central location.

2016 Community Cafe Consultations. Drawings and a model of a design proposal was displayed at the Community Cafe on several mornings during 2016. There was the opportunity for comments.

Design Consulted on in 2016
Design Consulted on in 2016

2017 to 2018 Land Registry. The land that the War Memorial is on was gifted to Stanton Drew Parish in 1964 by the owner of Rosedale. It was well documented, the land registry maps were correct, however the land registry title was never updated. It now shows the Parish Council as the legal owners.

2019 to 2020 Costs, Finances and Planning. The Parish Council have spoken with a number of artisans to get an idea of the cost of the project. There has also been a design revision, primarily because the wall in the 2016 design would require such a considerable base to be stable. We have replaced the steps with a ramp. We have also had initial conversations with some charities regarding potential grant funding. Currently we are confident that we will be able to get at least 2/3 of the cost via grant funding from 2 charities. There are other charities that we can try. We have sufficient funds in the PC budget that could cover the remaining 1/3, we also have ideas for local fundraising and are keen to include an element of that. Thus as of June 2020 we are in a position to finalise drawings and make a planning application. Before proceding further we are notifying all Parishioners via a leaflet because we realise that not all Parishioners will have engaged in the Community Cafe consultation.

To date, the only money that the PC has spent on this project has been for fees required to update the land registry. All other work has been done with no cost, due to the generousity of fellow Parishioners.

2020 Proposed Design
2020 Proposal